Startup Nights 2023

2–3 Nov 2023 | Winterthur, Switzerland

Francisco Fernandez

Serial Entrepreneur | Founder | Investor

Racing Unleashed, Utopia Music, Partex, Crowdhouse, Innoterra, ...

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Software engineer and economist (ETHZ) Francisco Fernandez is best known as the founder of the global FinTech company Avaloq, which was sold in 2020 for USD 2.5 billion. Today he runs a portfolio of Tech companies in different industries like music tech, pharma (AI), real estate, esports, agritech, automotive, art.

In 2018, he founded Racing Unleashed (RU), which is growing a global e-sports operating and building HighTech simulators. Fernandez acts as Chairman and CEO of RU.

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Racing Unleashed, Utopia Music, Partex, Crowdhouse, Innoterra, ...

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Friday, 3 November 2023

20:00 - 20:30

Entrepreneurship is my favourite sport

Location:Main Stage "Unicorn" (Hall 1)